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Yankees Clubhouse Mural

This New York Yankees sports theme was done in Parkland Florida. The room was designed for the ultimate Yankee fan. The background of all the walls has a vintage stone face look just like Yankee stadium. The feeling you get when walking in this room is like being at the New York Yankees store ! Every Yankee product available is on sale here, and was hand painted, and has a very three dimensional look. You almost want to start pulling items off the wall to purchase, that's how real it looks !

Yankees Fan Stand Mural

This is collection of hand painted NewYork Yankee memorabilia was done in Parkland Florida. The first thing you see when entering the room is the new Yankee Stadium breaking through the wall. The feeling is truly dimensional. In this room you'll feel like your standing on top of Yankee Stadium, and your getting ready to fall on to the baseball field. The look of the souvenir stands, gives you the impression of the main concourse at Yankee Stadium. So start shopping !

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