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Bubble Bath Children's  Mural

This theme will work well in the bathrooms and is suitable for boys and girls and baby too.

Bubble Bath Children's  Mural - Pirate Ship Mural

Pirate Ship Mural With Rubber Ducky on Board.

Bubble Bath Children's  Mural

Bubblebath with Duckies Mural

Bubble Bath Mural


This bathroom was designed  for a little baby boy.  Our client expressed, creating a theme, in the bathroom  that would be lots of fun. Any baby taking a bath with bubbles and duckies all around the tub is fun and whimsical . The duckies are dressed up as  fireman , rock stars , cowboys , baseball players, and many other characters. Above the towel rack we painted a pirates ship, with a pirate duck.  The bubbles are free flowing throughout the bathroom, making it a really fun place to visit. 


Bubble Bath Children's  Mural With Rubber Duckies

Fisherman ducky

Bubble Bath Children's  Mural

SpongeBob Bubbles Wall Mural

SpongeBob Bubbles Wall Mural


SpongeBob Bubbles Wall Mural


Spongebob Squarepants Mural - Spongebob Squarepants, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick floating on a bubbles.

SpongeBob Bubbles Wall Mural


SpongeBob Bubbles Wall Mural

Bubblebath Mural- Kids Murals

We can create bright, fun murals, large or small, for your child's bedroom or nursery.


Custom Look That Your Child Will Love


Bubblebath Mural- Children's MuralBubblebath Mural-Kids Mural

Bubblebath Mural- Kids Bathroom Mural
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