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miami pediatrician mural , Doctors office commercial mural- Circus

Colorful circus theme with wagons, tents, clowns and circus animals extend across the room in the patient waiting area.

Circus Mural

Patients waiting room

Tain Mural


Dr. Laura Fernandez-Ortiz

welcomes her patients with flair and fun!

Her practice is located in

9715 NE 2nd Ave
Miami Shores , Fl 33138

miami pediatrician mural- Circus Elephant mural

Miami public murals- Circus Elephant mural

Circus Monkey Pediatrics mural

Patien waiting area -circus mural

Patients waiting room- circus Mural


Safari examining room mural

Miami Shores Pediatrics - Safari examining room

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Safari examining room - Dade County Florida

Safari examining room - Dade County Florida



The Miami Shores Pediatric's Department is proud to showcase the art work of Edina Steigman, owner of MuralMax in all the examination rooms, as well as the patient welcome area.. 

Wall Mural Artist Pediatrics examining room designs


Superhero Examining Room Mural

Superhero Examining Room Mural


Superhero Examining Room Mural

Superhero Mural



Sesame Street friends Mural

Sesame Street friends mural

Sesame Street examining room

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Sesame Street mural

Sesame Street Doctor office- Miami, Florida


Princess Examining Room Mural

Princess Examining Room Mural

Castle Mural

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