Venetian Plaster

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A few of the many variations of Venetian Plaster for walls and other surfaces

Color Sheen, a Single Application
Antique Wax Sheen with Colored Wax
Color Harmony, Exceptional Color Depth
Metallic Harmony with Highlights
Matte & Textured, an Earthy Finish


Venetian Plaster: a high quality, sophisticated finish, imparts the glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone to your decor. This smooth finish is layered with the multi-dimensional, two-tone appearance of marble surfaces, adding visual interest and charm. The warm hues of Venetian Plaster are perfectly at home in casual, contemporary or traditional rooms. Bring your room to life with the unique decor of a polished marble surface.
We can create any color, from pastel to highly saturated deep tones. We can apply the material with glass-like smoothness, or we can create textures that resemble rough-cut stone.

Venetian Plaster is well known as a classic Stucco plaster, however its origins are much older dating back approximately 1300 years, although examples can be found throughout the ancient world, from the Egypt to China. Venetian Plaster became popular again in the Italian Renaissance, the rediscovery of these practices had gave way to the widespread use in Venice, where Venetian plaster became a highly desired finish. This was due partly to the fact that Venice extends over the water therefore sand for plaster was difficult to transport.
The process of making the plaster takes approximately a year. It begins with limestone rocks from rivers and quarries. With the addition of heat, water and time the limestone turns into a Lime putty.
This putty is then mixed with marble dust or colorants and applied to the surface with steel trowels. There are a number of effects which can be created using this method of plastering, from the traditional to the contemporary.


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