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Handpainted jewelry boxes

and gift bags

Jewelry Box

  Jewelry box  Item# 150
Diameter: 7"   H: 2"    
Color : blue ,white and 24 carat cold
Decoration Old London city picture

Heart Box

Small Heart Box Item # 151
W:  4"            H: 2"
Assorted design and colors

Mail Organizer

Mail and Business card holder  Item #157
Color : white ,blue and 24 carat gold
Personalized Item

Music Box

Victorian music box    Item #153
H:  13"       W:   7"
Color  : Blue , White
Decoration with 24 carat gold

Gift Bag

Gift Bag  Item#  155
H:  4"     W:  3"
Color : white , green, red
Decoration flower, butterflies.


Mural Production By Edina Steigman
  Serving Dade, Broward and  Palm Beach County

Studio:(954) 441-2292

  2004 Edina Steigman. All Rights Reserved.

Images on this page may NOT be used or reproduced, in part or
    whole, without written permission from the artist.