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Math Flashcards

World Maths Day





Math Games

Over 800 interactive mathematics activities for Kindergarten to 6 covering the math strands

Delightful Division Games
divisions games  Division Practice Flash Games Super fun games
that help teach the divisions.
Multiplication Practice Flash Games Super fun games
that help teach the times tables.
Kids Place Mathematics - Choose an activity and pick a grade
Math Games The home of online education resources, games and activities for primary and secondary schools
Number time
A website for children, parents and teachers interested in Key Stage 1 Maths
Patterns & Blocks Can you make a pattern: * using only triangles? * using only triangles and hexagons?
http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/maths/number.shtml BBC School ...Math Numbers
Baseten Try one of these online activities:. Happy Maths!
Time Worksheets, games and activities for telling the time.

Operation-snowman. Which operation can you use to solve the problem.

Math Games




Fun Games


Stardoll is about celebrities, fashion and friends . Stardoll For Girls

Scholastic Books interactive pages where kids can play with their favorite book characters
Funbrain.com FunBrain is the #1 site for online educational games for kids of all ages
http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/ Find out about all of your favourite CBeebies shows and characters.
PBS Kids Online, home of your favorite PBS Kids characters with thousands of pages of learning and fun.
Berenstain Bears
Berenstain Bears learning page,Read, Maze, Dress up, Coloring Book and more

Poptropica a virtual world for kids to travel, play games, compete in head-to-head competition, and communicate safely. Kids can also read books, comics, and see movie clips while they play.


Fact Monster

Factmonster.com combines reference materials, facts, and trivia quizzes for kids on all subjects. homework help, almanacsencyclopedia dictionary,atlas.

WEBKINZ Webkinz - the stuffed animal that comes alive online in Webkinz World. Keep your pet happy and healthy and build a home for it with our cool furniture.



Language Art Games


Starfall website to teach children to read.

Tutoring for tots

Tutoring for tots
Reading is Magical Game Set:

Grammar Grammar, Spelling , Reading, Letter Fun, Working With Words

Game Goo Game Goo Learning that sticks

Time 4 learning Time 4 learning

Vocabulary games   Vocabulary The Fun Way to Build Vocabulary Skills!
Test Preparation & Vocabulary Building Made Fun

Play Hangman Categories:Books, Movies, TV, Cool Stuff, Holidays, History and more

Crossword Puzzle
Solve a Crossword puzzle categories : Biography, Entertainment,Health & Science,Society & Culture...

Code Machine Code Machine - Use the wold bank to write your message.


Science Science Age 5-11

Food Chains Possible food chains / food webs:  Desert  |  Coniferous Forest  |  Deciduous Forest  |  Temperate Rainforest 

All About Mammals
All About Mammals

Science Lab
Science Lab Topics,Atoms,Gravity,Vision, Solar System, Matter

Let's talk about insects


Key to developing the plastics we now use were the discoveries made by the Nobel Prize awarded scientists Ziegler and Natta in the 1950s.

Science -Choose your grade level

5th Grade Science Websites Science


Games at Miniclip.com - Ice Slide Ice Slide

Catapult your favourite polar animal as far as you can.

Play this game now!!
Games at Miniclip.com - Letter Rip Letter Rip

Click on three or more adjacent letters to make a word.

Play game now!!
3D Logic 2 3D Logic 2 One of the greatest and most unique puzzle games ever. Fantastic graphics, new levels,
Play this game now!!
Games at Miniclip.com - Magic Balls Magic Balls

Group two or more balls of the same color to remove them.

Play this game now!!
Games at Miniclip.com - Mr Men Pinball Mr Men Pinball

Activate multiple targets for bonus points in Mr Bump Pinball!

Play this game now!!

Words SearchClassic word search games are great kids' exercises in word recognition, spelling, reading and vocabulary .

Play this game now!!
Toddler Games
Sesame Street Sesame Street Work shop
Preschool Games New* - Animal Forest Movie
Preschool Games Preschool Games , colors,shapes,numbers
Spot Fun With Spot



Social Studies
Us Presidents Game
Scroll over a presidential number to learn more!
Conquer the Continents : Skills: Identifying the locations of different countries
Interactive worls map- social stusies Interactive World Map
Native Americans - Click on the map to learn more Native Americans - Click on the map to learn more
ART Coloring Pages
Princess Coloring Page Use the ink dropper to color Princess pictures, or choose a plain print-out and color them at home!
Dino Color Pages
Color and learn about dinosaurs with fun printable coloring pages.
Doodle bug
Spring Coloring Pages

It's true! You can learn how to draw cartoons right here

New York Philharmonic Kidzone!Visit the game room, conductor's dressing room, composition workshop, musicians' lounge and more.
smARTkids Fun art activities from the David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago.
Take Care of the Earth

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana - Disney

Brain Games

MAHJONGG Solitaire




Guess the Colors

Chinese Checkers



For Teachers

Teacher Vision

Classroom Resources - Graphic Organizers - Printables

Maps may be printed for classroom use


Holidays Around the World


Chanukah Jewish Holidays


Password Protected Sites

Math Flashcards

World Maths Day





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